Employment Service

Employment Service offers a range of resources, supports and services to respond to the career and employment needs of individuals.  ES is designed to help individuals on their path to higher skill training and employment.  The following five components of Employment Service provide a highly flexible tool kit of services that can be customized to meet each customer’s needs.

Client Service Planning and Coordination

Through this program, YES helps customers assess their employment needs and identify the services that will benefit them.  YES will provide ongoing follow up and monitoring to ensure that each customer’s employment needs are being met.

Resources and Information

These resources provide open access labour market service for the community that provides information on local training and employment opportunities, community service supports, and occupational and training requirements.  All job seekers and employers are welcome to utilize the office equipment, tools and information available in our Resource Area.  Customers are welcome to utilize the Resource Area to conduct an independent job search, clarify their employment plan and career path, and access information to make informed education, training and employment decisions. 

Job Search Assistance

For customers in need of and suited for assisted services, Employment Counsellors are available to provide individual assistance.  Employment Counsellors will support clients in their career clarification and goal setting, skills planning and job search based on a realistic and accurate assessment of customers’ qualifications in relation to their job requirements.  Job search workshops play a key role in preparing customers the skills that will allow them to conduct an effective job search.

Job Matching and Placement

For customers identified as benefiting from on the job training, YES Job Developers match the customer's skills and  interests with employment opportunities.  This program component includes  work experience, job trials, and volunteer placements.

Job/Training Retention

Some customers may need the support of additional coaching and mentoring to maintain employment, complete training or make that important next step on their career path.  Through the Job/Training Retention component of the program, YES  makes sure  that customers not only secure employment, but that their employment is long lasting, as well.

Who can participate?

Employment Service  is available to all job seekers and employers.                                                                


This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Government of Ontario.


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