Smart Serve

Smart Serve Certification is now mandatory for managers, bartenders, servers and other staff working in an establishment where alcohol is served.   YES provides the training in a classroom setting.  You can also complete Smart Serve training online.   The training covers:

The Effects of Alcohol

  • Standard Drink
  • Alcohol’s Path through the Body
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration Chart (BAC)
  • Factors that Affect BAC
  • Signs of Intoxication

 Legal Issues

  • The Liquor License Act
  • The Sale and Service of Liquor
  • The Right to Deny Entry
  • The Right to Eject Guests
  • Penalties Under the Liquor License Act
  • Civil Liability
  • Case Studies

 A Safe & Enjoyable Atmosphere

  • Age Identification
  • Controlling the Door
  • Contolling the Number of Drinks Served
  • Promoting Food and Beverage
  • Intervention Techniques
  • Incident Reports

House Policies/Risk Assessment

  • Develop a Goal Statement
  • Risk Assessment & Chart
  • House Policies & Procedures

The cost for the in-class Smart Serve workshop at YES is $40.  This workshop is available to all job seekers. Register by visiting the YES Resource Area, or sign up here

Download printable pdf: Smart Serve

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