Workplace Hazardous Material Information System - eWHMIS


Online WHMIS takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. You will be tested after each segment. After successful completion you will receive a certificate that satisfies provincial and federal legislative requirements for general WHMIS training. 


  • Provides an introduction to WHMIS, a system used to inform individuals about hazardous chemicals.  The duties and responsibilities of suppliers, employer and workers are explained.


  • Provides an overview of chemical hazards and explains how to avoid absorption (chemicals actually entering the body)


  • Informs trainees about proper labeling and information required for the worker who must handle controlled products.


  • Discusses additional information about controlled products which is contained on Material Safety Data sheets.

General WHMIS on-line training is available at YES for a cost of $40.00.  This workshop is available to all job seekers. Register by visiting the YES Resource Area, or sign up here.

Download printable pdf: WHMIS

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